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Hook implementations and general funcions.


atr_app_existsCheck if the operating system has an application installed.
atr_cache_staticSet or get a statically cached item.
atr_cache_static_delDelete an item from the static cache.
atr_callback_executeExecute a review method callback.
atr_elementsImplementation of hook_elements().
atr_file_processForm process handler for 'atr_file'.
atr_file_validateForm validate handler for 'atr_file'.
atr_menuImplementation of hook_menu().
atr_method_availabilityCheck if a review method is available for a certain language.
atr_method_infoLoad a review method's information.
atr_permImplementation of hook_perm().
atr_profile_loadLoad a settings profile.
atr_profile_saveSave a settings profile.
atr_review_deleteDelete a review.
atr_review_delete_multipleDelete multiple reviews.
atr_review_loadLoad a review.
atr_review_load_multipleLoad multiple reviews.
atr_review_saveSave an existing review.
atr_review_titleCreate a page title for a review.
atr_string_stripUndo a string of all insignificant characters.
atr_themeImplementation of hook_theme().
atr_tmp_dirCreate a temporary directory.