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Administration interface.


atr_form_profileForm builder; edit a settings profile.
atr_form_profile_addForm builder; add a settings profile.
atr_form_profile_add_submitForm submit handler for atr_form_profile_add().
atr_form_profile_deleteForm builder; delete a settings profile.
atr_form_profile_delete_submitForm submit handler for atr_form_settings_delete().
atr_form_profile_submitForm submit handler for atr_form_profile().
atr_form_reviewForm builder; manually configure and start a text review.
atr_form_review_submitForm submit handler for atr_form_review().
atr_form_review_validateForm validate handler for atr_form_review().
atr_form_settingsForm builder; general settings.
atr_languageReturn a language name based on a language code.
atr_languagesReturn a list of languages.
atr_languages_profileReturn a list of languages.
atr_language_profileReturn a language name based on a language code.
atr_profile_deleteDelete a settings profile.
atr_profile_listList all settings profiles.
theme_atr_profileTheme a settings profile for display.